Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well Here We Are Again

Well hello everyone. How are things going? It´s weird to think that another week has already gone by. It still shocks me how quickly time goes by and how we really need to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us. This week went by super fast and I can´t believe it´s already overwith. This week we had zone conference. It was my last one so that was really strange to think about and how things are slowly starting to change. I don´t think I had really realized how close I am to ending until zone conference hit. I was talking to one of the assistants, Elder Connors, who goes home with me at the same time and it really hit me there that I was a lot closer than I had realized. Weird.
This week went pretty well. Nothing too out of control really happened which was kinda weird but hey stuff happens. All the members here tell me about how little time I have left which is kinda funny but at the same time I want to stay focused to the end. On tuesday I got to do divions with Elder Sterling who´s working in a little town called Rauch which is about an hour outside of Tandil. They came in for zone conference that was gonna be on wednesday so I got to go out with him when they came down tuesday afternoon. It was really fun cause Elder Sterling just got here this transfer so he´s full of energy and he was really excited to be here in the mission. That was a really cool experience. Later that night I also had the opportunity to do a few baptismal interviews for other Elders. That was also a great experience. Doing baptismal interviews is one of my favorite things to do in the mission. Seeing people change their lives, come unto Christ and make changes in their lives to more fully follow Him is one of the greatest miracles that exists. Ending the mission is a weird feeling. I think no one really feels prepared cause there are a lot of feelings that are very difficult to describe. A lot of things that happen or that you feel you can´t adecuately describe or really do them justice in trying to communicate them. Coming on the mission was easily the best decision I´ve ever made in my life and I´m eternally grateful for this opporutnity that has been given me to be here and to be constantely involved in His work. Great stuff. Thank you all for everything you do. Hey alex HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it went well. Love you all and we´ll be seeing you!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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