Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Month Gone By

Well hello everyone. How´s things? Ok first of all that´s crazy to hear that Bryan is already back home. Tell him I said hi. Sounds like he had an awesome mission. I can´t wait to talk to him about it when I get back. That´s awesome that he´s gonna go to BYU too, I love that kid. It doesn´t surprise me at all that he had that much success. So it´s hard to believe that another month has gone by. It still hasn´t really hit me yet how close I am and to be completely honest I try not to think about it too much. I got a little booklet last week that talks about puting life goals after the mission and stuff like that. I have to give it to President in my last interview.....I think I´m gonna wait a little while to fill it out.
Anyway the missionary work out here is going pretty well. We had a few miracles this week which were pretty awesome. One happened last monday right after I finished writing you all. We went out with Elder Milne and went by some members so that he could start to get to know people. After that we were gonna pass by a different members house to see how some references were doing cause here in the mission we have a new way to work with members and references, and as we´re on our way there Elder Milne says "hey lets knock this door". We knocked and they let us in! We taught the Gutierrez family which is a family of 6! It was pretty amazing. So that was a good way to start the week off. Then another day we went by the Mansilla family but they weren´t there so we kept walking and decided to knock another door. We knock it and this lady answers and says "oh finally, how are you guys?". Turns out she had talked to other missionaries a while ago and they said they were gonna pass by but they never did. Her name is Veronica and she´s super cool. We weren´t able to go in at that moment cause there was no guy in the house and if there´s not a man in the house we´re not allowed to enter. But we´re gonna go back and teach her. That was also super cool. We also went with a member and taught this lady Andrea and her daughters Micaela and Paloma. A while ago we helped Andrea put a roof on her house cause the guy that was building just picked up and took off without ever finishing the house and Andrea didn´t have any money to pay somebody else to do it. We helped her with that and this week we were finally able to teach her and her daughters. Andrea had listened to missionaries before when she was young but her parents wouldn´t let her get baptized.....time to change that now! It was a really cool experience and they´re really excited which is great! We also talked to the Mansilla family a little bit and they´re gonna meet us on wednesday morning to take out a fecha to get married. We´re hoping we can get them married and baptized here pretty soon and really get things going here. Things with Elder Milne have been great so far. He kind of reminds me of Ryan Jensen a little bit, and he´s also a red head so that helps. We´re doing super good though and we´re excited to have a lot of success and I´m excited to end the mission the best way possible. Those were some of the tendure merices of the Lord in our lives this week. It was awesome. I at least throughly enjoyed it. Oh one more. On sunday we went out to look for people to go to church but didn´t find anyone. We were a little disappointed and were walking back towards the church. We get there, go in and head to the gospel principles class and we see this guy Cristian there. Cristian was an investigator that we had dropped cause he and his girlfriend Maria weren´t progressing at all. They had to get married but then there was always some problem as to why they couldn´t do it or they´d fight all the time and call it off. Looks like Cristian had a life changing experience in these last couple weeks and we´re gonna go back to help him change things around and so he hopefully can finally get baptized. Please pray for him and Maria cause we need all the help we can get. That was really cool though cause Cristian was not the same guy in church that I knew before. He had come to church a ton of times before but this time it was diferent and that was really cool. Well that´s all for this week. Thanks for all the great news. I can´t believe mom got released as Relief Society President. I didn´t think that was ever gonna happen. Well I love you all and thanks for all the love and support. I truely appreciate it!!!!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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