Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writing from Bahia Blanca

Well hello family of mine. How is everything. Hey Mike and John.....CONGRATS ON THE EAGLE COURT OF HONOR!!! That´s awesome. Sorry but I don´t think I´ll be able to make it. I might be a little late. Take pictures though! This week has been an interesting one to say the least. Did I tell you about the miracle we had? Well if I already did you can skip this part. So I was walking down the street with Elder Milne when we had just left a failed appointment. We´re walking down the street and we see a door. We both look at each other and say "let´s knock here". We knock and the lady that opens the door, Veronica, says "oh thank goodness, I´ve been waiting for you!". WOW!!! That was pretty amazing. We couldn´t go in and teach her at that moment cause she lives by herself with her kids and we can´t go into houses where there´s not a guy. So we set an appoinment and got a member to go with us. When we went to teach we had a really good, spirit filled lesson and she said before we started teaching that much that she knows the church is true and that she wants to get baptized! Pretty awesome right? She has to quit smoking and the branch president wants her to go to church once before she gets baptized. Unfortunately she didn´t show up to church this week. Elder Milne went with a our mission leader to go get her for church but she wasn´t there so we gotta see what happened. She´s awesome though and we´re really excited for her to get baptized. That was our awesome experience of the last week. We also had a pretty cool experience with an excommunicated member. He got excommunicated a long time ago. We had passed by a few times cause he asked us to and we got permisson to do it. We passed by but he was really on the defensive the whole time. This time we passed by cause we were close in the area and apparently he was praying that we pass by cause he wants to get baptized again! That was a really cool experience cause this guy is really changed and super humble right now. It was awesome to see the change in this guy. We also had a legit experience doing service for a guy when we left Veronica´s house after we taught her. We were walking with this member, Brother Sea and we saw a guy spreading a huge mound of dirt all over his yard to even it out. We asked if he wanted help and he said yes kind of joking around so we went up and starting helping the guy. Turns out he´s a friend of Brother Sea and they started talking as we were working. We then went back the next day andtaught him a little bit. His name is Juan and he´s a really cool guy. He´s known missionaries for a while but never really read or prayed. It was a cool experience though and a great testimony about service for me.Right now I´m in Bahía cause he had consejo with President and just barely got out. It was awesome and we talked a ton about working with members so PLEASE HELP THE MISSIONARIES OUT THERE!!!! Seriously you guys don´t realize how important you are in missionary work. Members are the most important people. That´s everything that really happened this week. Thanks for all your letters and support. I can´t believe Kyler is swimming already and everything is changing back home. I can´t believe so much stuff is changing and so many cool things are happing. I hope your all doing well! Thanks for everything you do!!!! Love you guys!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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