Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Week More

Hello everyone! How is everything going? I´m glad to see that everyone is good and it sounds like you all had a great time in Alaska! I can´t believe that school is starting again and everyone is already getting ready for that. Thanks for setting everything up for me for when I get back, that is going to be a huge help and I really appreciate it. All the members here are asking me how much time I have left and they´re all freaking out too so your not the only ones. I don´t like to think about it to much but it does cross my mind often and it´s still really weird to think about.
This week was an interesting one to say the least. At the beginning of the week we started off really well. We found some new people, Claudio, Gustavo and Macarena. Claudio is the dad and Gustavo and Macarena are his kids. We taught them and had a cool lesson cause Claudio had almost lost his faith and in God and everything. We had a good/quite powerfull lesson about the Atonement and it´s power in our lives. That was on monday. Then the rest of the week until sunday was a bit of a struggle. I was really confused/frustrated cause I couldn´t figure out what was going on that things randomly got so tough and it seemed like everything was failing on us. I was really confused cause we didn´t have anything change that should´ve made that happen. We kept working hard and trying to get better and last night it paid off. We went out with the second counselor of the branch, Saul Sea, who´s 18 and getting ready for his mission. We went by an ex investigators house and knocked the door. This girl named Deborah answers and before we say anything she says "do you want to come in?". WOW! That was awesome. We went in just barely started teaching her and her husband, Matias got home. He sat down and started listening to us. We had an amazing lesson with them and when we got to the part about the First Vision, Deborah started crying. She has her grandmother who just got diagnosed with cancer so she´s going through a really tough time and isn´t sure about what´s gonna happen after this life or anything. We all shared personal experiences about loved ones who had passed on and she asked us "how do you know all this? how do you know you´ll be with them again?" and we could testify about the gospel and the plan of salvation. I talked about Danny and Sam and I felt the Spirit really strong in that moment. I´m so grateful to have the gospel in my life. Mom and Dad, thank you for listening to the missionaries. I´ve thought about it many times throughout the mission and I don´t know what my life would be with the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. It is the most precious thing we have in the world. Truly amazing. Do you two remember the names of the missionaries that taught you? If you don´t, look it up if you can and tell me please. I love this gospel. That was my week. Tough, but we stuck to it and were blessed in the end. We set a baptismal date with Matias and Deborah for the 3rd of september, my last weekend. I really hope they make it to that day. Please pray for them that they do!!! I love you all, and thank you so very much for what you do!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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