Monday, August 1, 2011

A Few More Miracles

Well hello family how are things? I've decided I´m going to go back to school when I get home so get ready. I want to major in international relations with a minor in spanish. Yes I just decided what I´m going to do for the rest of my life. I´m excited. Random fact, one of the Elders I live with, Elder Wartena, is gonna major in the exact same thing. Ok Ok back to the missionary part. So this week we had some pretty random miracles which was awesome. First of all we had 6 people in church which was a miracle in itself cause the last 2 weeks we haven´t had anyone. That was super cool. Then in the week we had some pretty random/legit stuff happen. On tuesday we were walking down the street and this guy who was standing outside his house said "hi Elders how are you?". Not too many people say Elder to us so we stopped and started talking to him. His name is Alberto Mansilla and him and his family are having a really tough time. His house it basically falling apart. They know the church from a long time ago but never got baptized for some reason. Then we were walking down a different street later in the week and a lady said hey I want to talk to you. 2 Sister missionaries used to teach her but then they got transfered and no one ever went by again. She said that she suffered from depression but has now left that behind and wants us to go teach her. Pretty legit huh? I sure thought so. That was pretty awesome. We also taught a domincan family which was fun cause they sound really cool when they talk. It´s cool hearing another accent that´s not from argentina. It was pretty cool. Not a whole lot more happened besides that this week. Oh we had a really awesome lesson with the Collado family and our branch president but they didn´t make it to church. We gotta see what we can do to help them get to church cause they´re awesome people and have a ton of potential to progress and be better and better. Please pray for them and us that we can help them get to church. I can´t think of much else to say and I´ve run out of time. I love you all and thanks for all your help and support. It´s weird to think that I only have one transfer left after this week. I don´t really like thinking about it but it´s somthing I have to face. It´s probably the weirdest feeling I´ve felt in my life. We´ll see what happens when the moment comes. Thanks for all your love and support!!! I hope everyone is good and Kyler is growing strong!!!!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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