Monday, August 1, 2011

Changes, Changes, Changes

Well hello beloved family how is everything? Well as you can tell there have been some changes here. I´m still here in Tandil. Looks like I´m gonna end here and I´m really excited cause I really like it here. We have great members and we have a couple families that need to get baptized before I leave! I do have a new companion however. His name is Elder Milne. Have I ever told you guys about him? I knew him when he started the mission out in Santa Rosa when I trained the first time, then later he was in my district when I was in Jorge Newbery and now we´re comps! I´m really excited. He´s an awesome guy and we´re both pretty pumped to get working and see some miracles out here in Tandil. He´s a giant too. We´re literally the same size. It´s gonna be pretty legit I must say. We´re gonna be like the twin towers walking around. We´ll take some pictures and I´ll be sure to send them next week. Sorry I´ve been really bad about sending pictures lately. But we´re excited to get going and I can´t believe I´m ending the mission. This is probably the weirdest feeling on the planet. To be completely honest I don´t remember a lot of life before the mission. I´m excited to get back to school as well though and be out there with Mike and John.
Anyway back to Argentina and the mission. We have some pretty legit investigators that we are hoping get baptized this month. We have a family called the Mansilla family that are way cool. I don´t remember if I told you about them or not but I´m gonna tell you again. When we found them 2 weeks ago they didn´t have hardly anything to eat, the dad, Alberto, didn´t have a job and their house is pretty much falling apart. We started teaching them (they already know the church cause they´ve listened before) and they came to church last sunday and this last week Alberto got a job and we couldn´t go teach him cause he was working! It´s so awesome to see the blessing that the Lord gives us when we are obedient to his commandments and do what He says we should. It was kind of a bummer that we couldn´t really go to teach them but on the other hand it´s ok cause Alberto was working. We gotta go by this week and get them committed to getting married and then baptized! Hopefully they get baptized in the next few weeks. We also have this cool couple, Aureliano and Ana. I think I have told you about them before. They have a baby that´s the same age as Kyler. They´re super cool too but they also have to get married. Luckily the judge here that marries people is a member of the church so she´s totally willing to help us out and get them married quickly!!! Whoo!!! We also have this lady named Nanci who went to the church in a pueblo close by here for almost 10 years but never got baptized! It actually really shocked me and we´re gonna try to baptize her this weekend but she has to stop smoking so please pray for her cause we need a miracle to happen so that she gets baptized this weekend. We also have a couple other people but they´re still super new and I don´t remember everyone´s name at this point. I´m really excited though to get going. It´s weird that Elder Murillo isn´t here. I loved that kid. He´s amazing and we got along super well. I´m gonna miss him a lot but I´m also really excited to get going with Elder Milne right now! I love you guys, thanks for all your love and support!!! Share the gospel with everyone you know!!! Seriously! I love you all. Take care and we´ll be seeing you
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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