Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here I Come!!!!!!

Hello once again and for the last time! That´s really weird to say. I´m not really sure what to say here. First off I can´t believe that this is all coming to a close. That is super weird to think. It´s really something unbelievable and it still doesn´t process completely. Ok let´s just get into it. We´re gonna pretend like today is just any other common Pday. This week was pretty legit. We had 6 people in church which was awesome! We´d been having a hard time getting people to church this last month so to have 6 this week was pretty fantastic. We had 2 families and this lady named Mary in church. Mary I don´t know all that well cause my companion, Elder Milne, found her while we were in divisions but she seems like a really cool lady and really genuine so that´s really cool. The other people we had were Aureliano and Ana who are awesome. Ana wants to get baptized super bad but they have to get married before that can happen. We have an appoiontment with them now at 6 so we´ll see what Aureliano says cause he wasn´t too sure about getting married. They´re pretty cool people though. We took them to a baptism of some other missionaries this last saturday so that was awesome cause the spirit was really strong there and I think it helped them out quite a bit. If they want to get married we´re hoping that we can do it this week so they can get baptized this weekend cause if not it´ll have to wait. We´re gonna go by with our branch president today so that´ll be pretty good. Our branch president is an awesome guy. Then the other family that came to church is Manuel, Alicia and Veronica. Manuel and Alicia are older people that just moved in with their daughter Veronica cause Manuel got fired from his job. They´re really cool, humble people though and they´re super excited for the church. They had contact with the church in the past a long time ago but then they moved out to the middle of nowhere so they lost contact with the church and everything. Well they have contact again and they´re really pumped and so are we! I think that Manuel and Alicia need to get married but hey it happens. So that was our sunday. It was really cool and really gratifying. We could really feel the Lord´s hand in His work which was super nice I´m not gonna lie. This week was also interesting cause I went to Necochea to do divisions with the companion of our district leader out there. That was a really fun experience. Necochea is looking to be a stake next year so there starting everything now to prepare to meet that goal. It was fun to be a part of that experience for a few days. I was down there tuesday and wednesday with Elder Risenhoover. He´s an interesting kid. He´s a convert. He and his family got baptized when he was 10 and he´s the first one to go on a mission so that was pretty cool. He´s a really loving kid and I enjoyed being with him for a few days. We saw a few of the Lord´s tender mercies out there as well. In their area they´d been having a hard time finding people to teach so that was a focus of ours and in 2 days we were able to find 3 people. Nothing to extraordinary but we were still really grateful and they were able to find quite a few people after that in the week so that was really cool to see. Well I gotta get going cause we have this appointment with Aureliano and Ana. It´s weird to think that this is my last week. I´ll get in touch with the office and ask them to send you the flight plans. They should be calling you pretty soon anyway. Thanks for everything and we´ll be seeing you pretty soon here. Don´t expect anything from me next monday cause I´ll be traveling! Love you all, take care!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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