Saturday, April 9, 2011


First and foremost HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY BOY!!!!!! I can´t believe your already 17 big guy! I feel like I´m starting to get real old. I wake up in the morning and everything always hurts and it takes me a solid 20 minutes to get everything moving like normal. They tell me that it´s normal but I´m still not that big of a fan. This week has been amazing. My new companion (kid) is Elder Villagra who´s from a town called Zarate which is about an hour of the Buenos Aires. He is awesome! Huge stud. He got here early thursday morning. Until then I was doing divisions with members or with Elder Eaton and Elder Newville and we were in a trio. Anyway Elder Villagra got here in thursday and it has been great. On thursday night we had a miracle happen. We were walking around towards the end of the day looking for a less active member. We get to a street corner and we´re trying to see what street we´re on when this guy says hi to us. We decide to go over and start talking to him. He´s this guy named Felix and turns out that he´s been looking for a place to go to church for a while now and he´s wanted to go to ours but things always came up and he could never go. So we talk to him a little bit there and set an appointment with him for friday morning cause he was working on his truck at the time. We go back on friday morning and teach him and his wife Carmen. They are the coolest people! They have baptismal dates for the 16th of april but they also have to get married so we might need to push those dates back a little bit. The cool thing is that they´re willing to do it and they´re really excited to go to church. They didn´t go this week cause Felix was reading the pamphlet we gave him and in the back it talks about church and how we go to church in a shirt and tie. He didn´t have that and didn´t want to go in jeans and a t shirt so we took him some clothes and now he´s exicted to go this week and get going. They´re great people and are looking for a church to join cause they´ve gone to a lot but haven´t found one yet that they´ve really been satisfied with. Then later that day I asked Elder Villagra if he wanted to talk to this lady who was sitting in a wheel chair outside her house. He talks to her, she lets us in and we teach her! First contact and we teach! It was pretty awesome. We´re doing really well and we´re both excited and we have a lot of expectations for Santa Monica. This last week we had about 90 people in church and President wants the weekly church asistance to be over 100. We´re close, we just gotta baptize a few more and we´ll be doing really good! In other words, life is good and it looks like it´ll be getting better. I gotta go and sorry this is kinda short but I hope all is going well and that everyone is doing good. Thanks for all the love and support!! I love you guys but I still don´t wanna come home haha!!!

-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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