Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never a Dull Moment...

Hey everybody what´s going on? Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that´s pretty crazy to see that mike is gonna be headed off to Germany. That´s way cool though and it´ll be a really good experience for him. Well this week was pretty eventful. We started off the week really well. We started teaching this guy named Marcelo who is really cool. He´s the son in law of Licia. His son is David who´s getting ready to go on a mission and Marcelo still isn´t a member. We started teaching him on Monday and it went really well. He´s gotta get married to David´s mom but he really liked the lesson. He´s a super nice guy and we´re hoping that he progresses and gets married caused David´s mom, Graciela, is inactive basically cause she´s not married. So we´re hoping for a lot of progress there. And like I said we were doing pretty good. We were finding new investigators almost everyday which is something we´ve been struggling with. We´re finally getting consistent and then thursday rolled around. On thursday we were eating lunch with a really nice family the Dosantos. We walked out of their house at around 2 pm and in the next block over as we were heading back to the house to grab a few things we got robbed! Don´t worry we´re fine nothing happened. They just took our phone and my comps watch so now we walk around not knowing what time it is which gets pretty entertaining. Suprisingly enough we´re still on time for almost everything. The dude had a gun so there wasn´t a whole lot we could really do about it. Quit freaking out mom we´re just fine. As we were walking back to the house I turned to Elder Villagra and said "well, welcome to the mission". Then that afternoon we had a special meeting with President Detlefsen. He came to talk to us basically about getting more focused and baptizing a lot more. We talked a lot about setting goals and then not giving up on those goals even when it looks like we might not reach them. It was really good and we´re hoping to get a lot better and more consistent. We also met a couples missionary companionship which is the first that I know of. Their names are Elder and Sister Fee. They from the states and are super nice people. They´re going to be working in Olavarría which is a district that we´re hoping to turn into a stake. And on thursday night after all that crazy stuff we still got a new investigator. Take that Satan! Then yesterday it rained like crazy and we didn´t have anyone in church which was pretty frustrating. Basically it was a week of a lot of random events that turned into a big whirlwind of havoc and fun. Here´s a quick investigator update
Felix and Carmen-need to get married! We´re seeing what we can do about that but besides all that they´re doing really well. We taught them the word of wisdom this week and they accepted it completely. They drank a little bit and drank coffee and all that but they decided to stop and they have. Pretty amazing
Lucero Family-We´re mostly teaching the "athiest" dad, Roberto, who isn´t all that athiest anymore. We have him praying to see if the Book of Mormon is true. Basically once he starts to realize he believes in God he´ll get baptized. Now the challenge is to get him to see that he has faith and he believes.
This week we should also start teaching this guy named Gustavo who was Mr. South America. The guy is huge! He´s the son of some members. He also has to get married and has listened to the missionaries before but the good news is they want to get married and get baptized. It´s just a matter of them doing it and teaching them everything. The dude is huge! If I hadn´t already mentioned that.
Besides that everything is the same as usual. Nothing to crazy happening so that´s good to see. I´m glad that everything has calmed down back home. Thanks for all the love and support! I hope everyone is doing well and tell everyone hi for me out there! Con amor,
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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