Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conference was AmAzInG!!

Hey everyone how´s it going?  Wasn´t Conference amazing?!?!! I for one sure learned a lot. I don´t remember which one was really my favorite, I gotta go back over my notes but it was sincerely great. It seems that the longer I go in the mission the worse my memory gets haha. I hardly remember what I did yesterday and stuff that I did this morning I can´t remember if it happened today or the day before. At Conference we had Felix and Carmen came which was awesome! They are super cool people and are loving absolutely everything about the church. They drove my companion and I to the saturday morning session and when we finished I asked them what they thought and they said it was amazing and they loved every single part of it. They have to get married so we gotta get on them this week to get working on that cause if not then it takes forever and it´ll never get done. On friday we also had an activity cause there´s a kid from the ward who is leaving on his mission soon. We did a little sketch with the 4 of us about a day in the life of a missionary and it actually turned out pretty well. It was all improvisation. We pulled the kid, Danny, out of the crowd and he didn´t have any idea we were going to do this. Then he and Elder Eaton went around to Elder Newville who pretended like he was an american who didn´t speak spanish well and that was funny cause he just spoke horribly and everyone got a good laugh out of it. Then they came over to me and I was a racist who didn´t like americans. Down here there are a lot of people who think we work for the CIA or something and a lot of people don´t like us americans very much. Then right after they left me we changed super fast into thug outfits and robbed them. It was funny cause it was super mellow dramatic and completely out of control. Then at the very end they decided to knock "one last door" and they found my comp Elder Villagra who played the golden investigator and that´s how it ended. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we had a pretty fun time doing it ourselves. This week we also had a pretty interesting experience. We were heading to an investigators house to go teach and as we were on the way I saw this girl sitting outside her house. I got the impression that we should go talk to her but we just kept going cause we were already running pretty late. Turns out right when we got to our investigators house he was leaving cause he had to work late. So we turn around and start heading back the same way we came. I was really hoping that girl would still be sitting there when we came back and when we passed by she was. I asked Elder Villagra if he wanted to go talk to her and he said ok. We started talking and came to find out that this girl, Soledad, is the sister of one of the Elders serving here in this mission. He´s from Paraguay but apparently some of his family is living here in Mar Del Plata. We sat down and starting talking to her and ended up teaching The Restoration. This missionary is the only member in his family so we´re gonna try to help him out and see if we can baptize some of his family members. That was a really cool experience. I told you guys about the Lucero family right? Well they seem to be doing pretty well too. We invited them to conference and talked to the members who gave us the reference to go with them but turns out they were sick the whole weekend. We ran into the dad, Roberto, sunday night cause we wanted to pass by to see what was up and that´s when he told us everything that was going on. He was just barely leaving then cause they needed to do grocery shopping and he was the healthiest out of all of them. We have an appointment with them tomorrow so we´ll have to see how they´re doing and see if they recieve an answer that what we´re teaching them is true. Please pray for them. It´s like teaching Adriana and Luis and we need all the help we can get. Besides that not a ton of stuff is going on. I feel like I say the same stuff over and over again so hopefully this doesn´t get boring. That´s a huge bummer that Trev had to go home. Is he gonna go back out to finish after his surgery or did they release him? Tell him I love him and that he´s a champ. Well that seems to be everything from here in good old Mar Del Plata. We´re hopping to get some baptisms soon to help the church grow and get another stake out here!!! I love you all oh and I got the birthday package you guys sent! Thanks a bunch! It was a little random and not what I was expecting but I enjoyed it anyway!! Love you all
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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