Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Interesting Week

Hey everyone how´s it going? That news about Sam Murray was the last thing I was expecting. It still hasn´t really sunk in yet. Please tell his family that I´m thinking about them and they are in my prayers. How´re Joe and Lily doing? Tell Scott and Laura too that I love them and I´m thinking about them. Wasn´t Scott a member of the church? Him or his mom? I hope that they´re ok and they´re taking this as well as they can. 
Well down here in good old Argentina we had a pretty interesting week. At the beginning of the week we were doing super well. We were finding new investigators, having really great lessons, and the investigators we already had were doing pretty good. Then thursday came around and all the sudden everything we had starting bombing on us. Appointments weren´t at home, we couldn´t find anyone new to teach, and the investigators we had weren´t there or there was always something that came up that made it so we couldn´t teach that day. It was super weird cause we couldn´t figure out what had changed. We didn´t really change anything that would have caused all that so we were really confused. The funny part was is I went on divisions to another area with Elder Beyer and we had a great day. We found 3 new investigatos, took and 2 baptismal dates and had really good lessons with people. And here in Santa Monica my comp, Elder Villagra, and Elder Esparza also had a pretty good day and found another new investigator. Then we got back together on sunday and everything bombed on us again! I´m not gonna lie I didn´t really know what to think. I was super confused and now we´re looking for some way to be more consistant and keep progressing. We´re doing pretty well though all in all and we´re excited for this week to get better and try to set up some baptisms for the end of the month. We have this one couple Felix and Carmen who are amazing but they need to get married. We´re hoping to talk to them about getting married quickly so they can get baptized at the end of the month. They´re super cool and are progressing really well. They are some really sweet, genuine people and they really want to get baptized. 
In the district we also had a really good week. There were 3 baptisms which was pretty cool! There were 2 here in Santa Monica from Elder Eaton and Elder Newville which was really great to see cause they´ve been working really hard, especially with this 2 people and they finally got baptized! I was really happy for them cause they´re the first baptisms of Elder Newville and he was super excited. Elder Banks, my MTC comp, also had a baptism which was great. I got to go do the interview and it was a really cool experience. The kid´s name is Emmanuel and he was really prepared. Both of his parents are less active and he started going to church with the young men´s president. He went to church for a while and a bunch of activities and loved it. He´s an awesome kid and the interview was a really spiritual experience so we both came out happy and edified. Well that´s all that´s really been happening that I can think of at the moment. Sorry if this is a little short. Thanks for all the love and support!!! You guys are great!!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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