Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey everyone what´s going on? Ok first of all the death about Danny Hainline is the most shocking thing I have heard. That caught me completely off guard and I´m still having a hard time believing it. It really is truly amazing the plan of salvation that our Heavenly Father has set up for all of us and the amazing blessings that we can recieve when we live accordingly. Wow I really don´t know what to say. He was a great person and another big brother for me. I´m gonna miss him a lot and tell Heather and the whole Hainline family that my thoughts and prayers are with them and that if I could be there I would. I love them all very much and I know they´ll be ok.
Changing the subject a little bit this week wasn´t too eventful for me. My companion Elder Rivarola was having some foot problems that he´s had the whole transfer s not a whole lot really happened with us. We spent a lot of time in the house cause he couldn´t walk very much. I have a new apprecation for being healthy and not having any problems apart from the normal aches and pains that comes with being a missionary and having to walk around everyday. Big news this week was that Elder Rivarola got transfered to Bahía Blanca cause of his health issues and I am going to be training again!! I´m really excited cause the first time I did it with Elder Thackeray I had a great time and was able to learn a lot so I´m excited to keep learning this time from the new missionary I´ll be with. He´s still not with me and I think he gets out here to Mar Del Plata tomorrow or wednesday night. It´s gonna be a great experience and we gotta work hard so that we can get a third stake out here in Mar Del Plata!!! I am loving the mission completely and I´m excited for the time I have left and interested to see the things that we can reach. Those were really the big changes. Like I said we couldn´t work a whole lot this week so nothing really exciting happened. We found 2 new investigators who are a reference from this family called the Joglars. Apparently I look like their son who is also on his misson but in chile. Everyone and their mom tells me I look like him and they´re always cracking jokes and fun stuff like that. Anyway the new investigators are some old neighbors of theirs who are really nice we´ll just have to see how they go. Sorry I don´t have any time today. I have a meeting I need to get too. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and all the support! I love you all!!!

---Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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