Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everything is Good

Hey everyone how´s it going out there? Things here in Mar Del aren´t going too bad. Things have been pretty interesting caused we got robbed again on Sunday. Don´t freak out I´m ok, they took our phone that had gotten to us the day before and some cash. It was pretty ridiculous to tell you the truth. I´m not gonna lie, I was pretty mad the rest of the day and since then it´s been kinda tough to work. For now the Assistants have told us that we need to have a member with us everywhere we go and they´re gonna get back to us on what the long term fix is gonna be. Not really sure at all what´s gonna happen. Some people are talking about us getting taken out but I´m not sure if that´s really gonna happen or what the story really is. Also going on this week is a big conference in Bahía for all the leaders in the mission so President and the Assistants have been really busy with that too. We should find out tonight what exactly is going on and what President Detlefsen says and everything. For this week I´m in a threesome with my comp and Elder Dominguez who´s in Belgrano. Dominguez´s comp is District Leader and Dominguez couldn´t find a member who could do splits with him the whole week so he´s with us until Friday night or Saturday morning. We´ve been switching off working over there in Belgrano and here in Newbery. I´m not gonna lie it´s really weird being in a threesome. Mostly just cause it breaks the routine so much and I´m not really sure what to do. Teaching is probably the toughest thing to do with three cause it´s hard to have a good flow going back and forth between all three without a lot of practice. Everything´s going good though. Adriana told me on the phone on Monday that her and Luis are going to get married!!!!!! They when to go pick out a date and here the government gives you the date of when you can get married. They´re date isn´t till November but the important part is that they´re gonna get married and they´re making progress. It was really great to hear that from her especially after everything that had been going on, it was like a beam of light in the dark. And don´t worry mom, all the members here are freaking out for us including the investigators and they´re all super preoccupied and worried about our safety. We´ve been keeping in touch with the ward mission leader and the bishop letting them know what´s going on and how we´re gonna have to be doing things. They´ve been great too. Our ward mission leader´s name is Mauricio Villalba and he´s a stud. He´s 27 and really pumped about missionary work and helping us out and basically doing all he can to magnify his calling which is really cool. He was with us all day monday. We had to go down to the police station and do a report on what had been stolen how it happened and all that good stuff, it took up pretty much the entire day which was a bummer but it was something we had to do. It´s kinda funny cause you go and do that and then the cops don´t do anything anyway. Even the Argentine people here say that the cops don´t do anything which is basically true, they´re pretty much a joke unfortunately. I´ve learned a lot about Argentine government as a plus I guess you could say. La familia Gonzalez is doing really well too. We need to get over there but with everything that´s been going on lately it´s proven kinda tough, but we´re thinking about getting over there tomorrow to see how they´re doing. They should be getting married in a few weeks and then getting baptized the day after which is gonna be awesome. Both Pedro and Angelica are super excited to get baptized. Oh snap I totally forgot to tell you guys last week but we went over to their house one time and Pedro had a little wine drinking problem. He didn´t drink a
lot but it was every once and a while and we talked to him and he knows it´s wrong but he just couldn´t really stop completely. So I asked him to pull out all the wine he had in the house, he did, and then we took it all into the kitchen and poured it down the sink and he hasn´t drank since. Pretty cool experience I must say!!!! All in all, things are going pretty well here despite everything that´s going on. We´re just having to be a lot more careful and we´ll basically just be waiting to see what President says. I hope everything is going well over there with everyone!! I love you all!!! Con amor,
Elder Gaughan

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