Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Hardest Part...

Hey everyone what´s going on? Well this week has been pretty decent. It´s weird cause it´s the last week of the transfer and we´re thinking that I´ll probably be getting sent somewhere else. On friday night they let us know everything but I´ve kinda been preparing anyway. There´s been a lot that´s going on here lately it´s kinda hard to know where to start. Ok firstly the Gonzalez family is having a pretty hard time right now. Jared has been having a bunch of problems with his Angelica and Pedro so they ended up sending him to live with his Dad for a little bit so he could see the difference. Apparently his dad isn´t all that great of a person and they sent Jared there so he could see everything he has back there are home and how he needs to cherish it a little more. Pedro and Angelica are also thinking about seperating which has been a pretty tough situation. Who knows if it´ll actually happen, we´ll just have to wait and see. Personally I´m hoping they don´t cause it would be really hard for the kids and they seem like they can be really happy together. Mirta has also been having a tough time. She´s been coming to church but not every sunday and according to her son Nacho she started smoking and drinking again. That´s been pretty tough to handle so don´t worry mom I know how you feel. We just gotta keep helping them all we can. They know what´s right and what they need to do, but the hard part is actually doing it. Just keep going mom, the convert will be fine. Keep going over there and visiting her and try to get her in with the Bishop, he could probably help her more than anyone. This is the hardest part for converts is right after they get baptized. It´s when the enemy throws everything at them all at once to try to get them to fall off the straight and narrow. I´m seeing with both the Gonzalez family and with Mirta. They need us right now and they need the Lord even more because this is the time when they always fall. Satan knows that it´s worse for them if they fall after they make these sacred covenants because God has to be just and if they don´t keep their covenants it´s even worse for them. Keep going and doing what you can and don´t lose faith. I know it´s hard but it´s our calling to help these people when they fall. They can always pick themselves up, sometimes it just doesn´t always happen the way we want.
Apart from that not a whole lot is going on. I´m getting along with Elder Egbert really well and we have a good time together. He´s a great kid and he´s taught me a lot. Is dad ever gonna come home from alaska or has he just moved there? Just kidding. Ok I gotta get going.
I love you all!!! Thanks for all the love and support!!!!!!
Elder Gaughan

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