Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Adventure Continues

Hey everybody what´s going on. What´s new back home. Things are kind of starting to get back to normal here in Mar Del. Well kind of but not really at all. On thursday night we went to the church to talk to the bishop about everything that had been happening cause on thursday nights he´s always there. When we get there we see a bunch of the windows in the church broken and we thought we heard kids inside so we took off for the house of the Gonzalez family to call the cops but by the time they got there the kids had already taken off. They broke like 25 windows, which is basically all of them, and stole the frames to sell them. Pretty crazy stuff. Then on sunday we were in Mirta´s house visiting with her cause she hadn´t been to church in 2 weeks and as we´re there talking to her, her son Nacho comes in and tells us that some kids tried to burn down the church. They threw a bottle of gas with a hankerchiff through one of the busted windows and lit the sacrament table/bench on fire. Luckly one of the neighboors who lives by the church saw and called the firefighters but it´s still just kinda crazy to see everything that´s been going on lately. We´ve been having a ton of success in thw ward with all the baptisms and also the ward here is gonna have 5 missionaries in the field which is really rare for Argentina so it looks like Satan is trying to disrubt the work and progress as much as he can. We still have to be home earlier than normal and we don´t really carry anything with us anymore, also we have a conference tonight and someone from the church in Buenos Aires is coming down to talk to us about security and everything so that should be pretty interesting. On the plus side we´re gonna have a baptism this sunday. Alejo, the youngest of the Gonzalez family turns 8 on sunday and he wants to get baptized on the same day so that´s gonna be pretty awesome. We´re still waiting for Pedro and Angelica to get married but we´re gonna be helping them with that so hopefully we can make it happen quickly so that they can get baptized. We´ve also started teaching the younger brother of Carlos. The kids name is Lautaro and he´s pretty legit. He´s 14 and actually wants to go to church which is pretty cool to see. He already knows some of the young men which is way cool and he seems like a way good kid. He´s read part of the Book of Mormon we left him and it looks like we´ll be working with him a lot more. Adriana and Luis are kind of in the same place. They´re really great people, but we´re going over there a little earlier in the day so nothing really happens and we don´t leave when it´s dark. Aside from that not a whole lot is going on. We´re just trying to find new people to listen which is always the hardest part but we´re doing pretty well out here. Elder Egbert and I are getting along really wel in spite of everything that has happened and everything that seems to keep going on. The members here are awesome and take care of us like crazy. Seriously this ward is amazing and it´s awesome to see how united they are and how they work together. Well I gotta get going. Cuidense a todos
y les quiero mucho.
Elder Gaughan

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