Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 Año, 2 Areas

Hey everybody what´s goin on? Ready for the big news.....I´m still here in Mar Del Plata!!! Big surprise right? I was shocked too I´m not gonna lie; I´m gonna pass my year mark in my second area. It´s all good. Things have been going pretty well here in Newbery. It was weird cause I thought I was gonna be leaving so I was all ready to say bye to everyone and then transfers come and I find out I´m staying, oh well what can you do? I´m still with Elder Egbert too and we´re excited to keep working together and keep having more success. We have two little girls that we´re teaching that are gonna be getting baptized on the 11th. They´re names are Magali and Victoria and they´re both super smart. Magali is 9 and Victoria is 11, they´re younger sisters of carlos and we just met them at his house one day and starting teaching them and it all took off from there. Pedro and Angelica should also be getting married soon. They´ve been having some crazy family problems lately but it looks like things are starting to cool down and we´ll be able to get back to normal. Hopefully they´ll finally be getting married in a few weeks and then they´ll finally get baptized the next day. We had a pretty crazy experience last week too, we were out looking for less active members and we went to knock a house and this little kid who was playing in the street told us that no one lived there. Then as we turn around to leave he says "hey go to my house" so we did and we found his mom and his brothers and sisters and ended up teaching all of them. The mom´s name is Sandra and I don´t remember all the kids but they´re pretty cool. We´ve taught them a few times and hopefully we´ll be getting them to come to church this week. Oh I also got made District Leader this transfer. I´m in charge of half the zone and the other district leader is in charge of the other half. It´s a pretty cool job but it´s not a whole lot different from being a regular missionary. The only difference is I call at night to see how the day went and I take datos (datos are the numbers of the day, how many lessons taught, contacts, that cool stuff), I also work a lot with the zone leaders, do baptismal interviews and deal with any problems in the district if there are any. So far we haven´t had any, but I´ve only been doing this for 3 days, we´ll have to wait and see how it goes. It´s pretty fun, at least so far I´m enjoying it. Tomorrow I get to go do some baptismal interviews for Elder Dominguez and his new comp Elder Wilkes so that should be pretty interesting. Besides that not a ton has really been going on, not that I can really remember at least. It´s kinda crazy that I´m gonna be in another area for 6 months but I´m suprisingly ok with it. I love you all and thanks for the letters and support!!!
 Les quiero a todos!!!!
Elder Gaughan

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