Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update and PICTURES!!!

Hey everyone? How´s it going? How is everyone? Well I´m just gonna say from the start that this one is probably gonna be pretty short. Not much has really happened this week and I just talked to you all a few days ago. It was awesome talking to you! I loved hearing your voices and hearing how everyone is doing! It sounds like you all are keeping busy which is always a good thing. That´s awesome news about Daniel! Oh man I was so happy when I read that! Tell him congrats for me and let me know where he is going as soon as you know! Hopefully he comes here! Haha that would be insane and super unlikely but hey there is a one and a million chance.
Not a whole lot has really happened this week. We´re still trying to work with the members but they flake on us sometimes which makes it kinda difficult cause we only have like 40 active members as it is. Oh when I was talking about working with the missionaries earlier I was just talking about helping the missionaries. Like give them references, go with them to appointments if they ask you. Just help them in whatever way you can. You guys don´t know how much you can help missionaries. References are the best. Knocking doors is no fun and it´s really ineffective. We still do it, but if we can work with members it´s a ton more effective and it makes the lessons a lot more powerful when a member is there too. So just help when and how you can. They´ll appreciate it a ton.
Besides this not too much is going on. We went by Alejandro and Nadia the other day and they actually have a few references for us so hopefully we´ll start working with them soon. They sound like really awesome people and hopefully we can start teaching soon. Oh we went on splits yesterday with some other missionaries from our district and I was with Elder Veliz. He´s from Chile and doesn´t speak any english. He understands quite a bit but doesn´t really speak it at all. He´s awesome though and it was really good practice for my spanish. I kinda hope that my next companion is latino so that I can get a lot better. It´s always better when your forced to speak the language rather than have to force yourself. It´ll help me anyway. I can´t really think of anything else to put. I´m doing well and hopefully we´ll start seeing success soon. I love you all and hope everything is going well. Con amor
Elder Gaughan

This picture is at the baptism of Alejandro

Elder Gaughans zone at the Christmas conference

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