Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hola familia, ¿cómo están? Everything´s going pretty well here. We´re in the last week of the transfer if you couldn´t already tell by the subject. We still don´t know who goes and who is staying though. We´ll find out who all is getting transfered on friday. The next email you get from me I might be in another place, but then again I might not. We´ll just have to wait and see.
Personally, I´m doing just fine. No health problems really at all so you can stop worrying about that. Everything here is perfectly fine, just a lot of walking and a lot of heat cause we´re in the middle of summer.

The work is still going pretty well too. We´re teaching a few people and of course looking for more. No one is really progressing though cause they haven´t come to church yet. But we´ve only been teaching for one week and the big goal this week is to get them all to church. We recently got a ward mission leader which is way cool cause we´ve been working without one and it´s a lot harder. Our ward mission leader is awesome though, Hermano Arce, was the ward´s bishop before the one that we have right now. Super cool guy and is really excited to work and help the ward grow.
Besides that I can´t really think of what else has been going on. Sorry this email has been pretty short, it hasn´t really been a very eventful week. Nothing crazy really happened or anything. When is Avalon getting married? Tell her congrats for me. Oh and tell daniel congrats for me too! That´s so awesome what he´s doing. Tell him to keep it up and keep his eyes on the prize!!!! Well I can´t really think of anything else. I love you all! Hope everything is well! Con amor,
Elder Gaughan

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