Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keep Going & We'll be FINE

Hola familia cómo están? Things are going fairly well here in Santa Rosa. It´s crazy to think that the new year has come and gone already. It´s weird to think we´re already in 2010. Have you guys made resolutions yet? How are Mike and John doing? I haven´t heard from them since christmas. If they´ve been sending me emails I haven´t gotten them. How´s everything going back home? How´s the ward doing? To be honest with you not a whole lot has been going on out here. We´ve been doing a lot of contacting and trying to set up things with the members to invite their friends but it´s proven a little difficult with the holidays and everything. A lot of people have been out of town and others had crazy schedules and stuff so it´s been a little tough. Hopefully as things come calm back down and get back to normal we´ll be able to find more people. It´s kinda funny cause we´re told that the holidays are normally a good time to find people but it didn´t really work out for us for whatever reason. It´s all good though. We just gotta keep going and we´ll be fine. We have interviews with President Detlefsen tomorrow so that´ll be good. I wanna see what he thinks about it and what advice he has. Besides that I can´t really think of anything. Oh there´s one member that we have here named Lorena and her husband, Juan Cruz, isn´t a member. It´s crazy cause they remind me of you guys a ton. Like their story is really similar to yours and I really wanna work with Juan but he´s always working. Seriously the guy is never home. It´s ok though, we´re gonna find a way to get working with him and it´ll all be good. Well I gotta get going but I hope all is going well with you guys. Let me know what´s going on and how everyone is doing. I love you all,
-Elder Gaughan

P.S. There is a new mission address posted to the right for those of you who have been waiting for it!

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