Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's getting REALLY HOTT!!!

¡Hola familia! ¿Cómo les va? Wow so if you couldn´t tell from the subject line it´s getting pretty dang toasty out here. Dec and Jan are supposed to be the hottest months of the year so this transfer could get pretty interesting with the heat and everything. From what I´ve been told Santa Rosa is one of the hottest areas of the mission too.
Aside from that this week has been pretty good. I´m getting better with everything and every day I know a little more of what´s going on so that is pretty comforting. Elder Hopper got made District Leader at the beginning of the transfer so that was pretty cool (the beginning of the transfer was like the beginning of this week). We have a special conference next tues/wed which should be pretty cool. I´ll get to see some Elders from my MTC District so I´m pretty excited for that to see how they are doing.
We have a baptism this sat! Alejandro is getting baptized which is way cool. He´s been investigating for a while now. His wife, Nadia, was less active and they even got married a few weeks ago so he could get baptized which is way awesome. It´s cool the change the gospel can bring in people´s lives. Patricia has been having some problems and we actually haven´t been able to teach her for a little while now. Whenever we go to stop by she´s not home so we´re gonna have to wait and see how that goes. Hopefully her work schedule evens out cause her sister told us that work has been kinda crazy lately. We found a few new investigators this week and just started with them so we´ll have to see how that goes. They´re way cool and I think they could progress really well.
About calling on Christmas, I don´t really know how that all is gonna go yet. When I find out details about when we´re gonna call I´ll be sure to let you now. We´ll probably be calling at night, but with the time change and everything it should be about mid afternoon for you all. So yeah when I get more info about that I´ll be sure to let you know asap.
How´s everything going with you all? From what mike has told me sounds like he´s keeping busy and doing well, apart from his knee anyway. How´s John? Mike told me that John has sent me some emails but I haven´t got them. I don´t know what the deal is with that, sometimes myldsmail is a little sketchy and it doesn´t always work that well. I hope he´s doing well and everything is going well with you guys. I love you all and hope you are doing well. How are Alex and Tara doing? I haven´t gotten any emails from them either. Tell Bishop Bullick and Kim thanks for their emails, it was awesome to hear from them. I´ll try to write them back this week but it could take a while for the letters to get there. Ok I gotta get going but I love you all. Talk to you soon
-Elder Gaughan

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