Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Learning a lot about a new country...

Hola familia, ok so I just spent like 20 minutes writing a super long email to you guys and then it didn´t send. Pretty frustrating to say the least. But I´m doing pretty well. This last week has been kinda tough, not really sure why but i´ve just been in kind of a funk for some reason. I just need to lose myself in the work more. We have 2 baptismal dates for the 19th with Alejandro and Patricia. They´re doing well and hopefully they´ll be ready on the 19th. We´re looking to set another date with Angel too and hopefully we´ll get to do that soon. Besides that we´ve been trying to get to know the members more. That´s really the best way to work cause contacting isn´t very effective. But we´ve still been doing a lot of contacting which is tough cause of the ciesta here. Basically everyone sleeps from after lunch, so about 130, till like 5. So we just go back to the house and study more cause there is literally nothing to do. Like stores shut down and everything, the city seriously just dies. The only people you see outisde are heading back to their houses for the ciesta. Pretty crazy and it still kinda throws me off a little but it´s all good. The language keeps coming and coming. i just need to talk more cause you always understand more when you talk more. So i´ve been trying to do that and have set a goal to talk more so I can learn this language quicker. I don´t really like not knowing what´s going on.
As far as packages go, the Argentine government charges when packages are shipped into the country for whatever reason. So the office ends up having to pay for it and we have to pay the office to get the package. It´s kinda screwy but that´s the government here for ya. And a lot of the times they charge you based off what the package is valued at, like what you put as the value or insurance or whatever you call it when you send it. So if you put the value higher than it actually is, the government charges more, and we have to pay more to get the package.   Sorry this email is kinda short but I gotta get going. We gotta go pass by some less active members. I love you all and hope everything is going well. Dad, thanks for your conversion story, that was awesome. Just waiting on yours now Mom :). K love you guys, talk to you soon
Elder Gaughan

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