Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 2 in Derrego

Hey everyone how´s it going? Well the second week in Dorrego has definitely been an interesting one. On sunday we had someone in church which was great. His name is Jonathon Reyes and he´s the son of a member. His dad, the member, is in the hospital with cancer which is really sad. We´ve gone to visit him a few times and he´s not doing too hot but we´re praying for him every day hoping that he gets better. Jonathon is a pretty good kid. He´s 21 and has already listened to a bunch of missionaries before so teaching him is fun. In church it was just me, my companion Elder Thomas, and him. We started talking about the lesson we had assigned but then I randomly decided to ask him why he hadn´t been baptized and he started talking about why and saying how good he felt in the church and how it helped him to feel calm and relaxed. So we started talking about baptism and how that´s gonna help him feel like that a lot more often especially with the companionship of the Holy Ghost. We couldn´t take out a baptismal date yet cause Jonathon says he needs to talk to the bishop about a few things he´s been involved in so this coming sunday he´s gonna talk to the bishop and we´re gonna take out a baptismal date for next month. Jonathon is a really good guy and you can see that he wants to make changes and be a better person. We also have another lady named Noelia who we just started teaching this week as well. She is the girlfriend of the grandson of Elder Thomas´ convert here (hopefully that connection all made sense). We were there to teach Elder Thomas´ convert, Maria, and Noelia happened to come into the room while we were sharing the scripture. We starting talking to Noelia a little more and my companion asked her if she wanted to learn more and she said yes. We taught her the restauration and set a baptismal date with her for Nov 7!!! Please pray for her so she can make it to that day without any problems!! Things are getting better here in Dorrego. We´ve bee working hard and we´ve been trying to work with memebers more so we´re gonna see how it goes and what we can do to keep improving. We´re trying to teach more lessons with members as a mission so this will be good to help us get better. Besides that not a whole lot has really been going on. This place is super calm all the time, it´s still been kinda of an extreme adjustment from Mar Del Plata to here but it´s all good. The members are good and there are some that are really willing to help up so we´ll be working with them a lot. I´m glad everything is going well with you guys. Sounds like your all busy but doing well!! Thanks for all the love and support!!! You guys are great and I love you all!!!!
-Elder Nicholas Gaughan

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