Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey everyone how are things going? Hopefully pretty well!! Well first things first, I got transfered!!! I´m now in a tiny town called Coronel Dorrego that´s about 2 hours outside of Bahía. When I say tiny, it´s literally tiny, like about as small as our neighboorhood tiny. Kinda crazy and it´ll take some getting used too but I think I´ll be ok. It´s just me and my comp, Elder Thomas from Ogden Utah. He´s a way good kid and a good missionary. He´s got about 7 months or so in the mission but is way smart and works really well. There´s a ward here but only 25 active members so we´re gonna have to get working pretty hard to change that. Leaving Newbery felt pretty weird when I finally heard that I was leaving, but I also felt that it was just time and there wasn´t a whole lot more there for me to do that I hadn´t done. Pedro, Angelica, Adriana and Luis still haven´t been baptized but I´m confident that they will be in a short amount of time. Elder Schmidt from my group replaced me there in Newbery with Egbert so they should be going pretty well. We´ll just have to wait and see. Conference was amazing as always!!! I loved Elder Uchtdorf´s talk about pride, everything that President Monson said and a couple more that I can´t really remember right now. Amazing though and I loved it. It was kind of bad timing to have transfers the same day as conference, it made it hard to say bye to everyone and let them know I was leaving but maybe it´s better that way. I loved Newbery though and now I´ve got a new challenge here in Dorrego. We´ll have to wait and see how it goes here, we wanna work hard and have success to try to help the ward out. One last fun story from Newbery, last friday we went to go contact a reference we´d gotten from a member of another ward. Here in Argentina it´s "good manners" to clap your hands at the gate and not go up to the door and directly knock it. This gate didn´t have a door, we clap our hands but nothing happens. So we decided to go knock the door cause they probably didn´t hear us when we clapped, we go up and knock the door and the neighboor who has his house on the same plot of land starts yelling at us from his window saying how we need to be out front at the gate and I don´t know what else. Ends up that he comes out of his house with a big old butcher knife to chase us off the land, so we go ahead and leave right there. There´s never a dull day in Mar Del Plata that´s for sure. Here in Dorrego on the otherhand is the complete opposite. It´s super calm all the time all day long. We´ll just have to wait and see how the adjustment goes. Well I gotta get going but thanks for all the support and love!!! You´re all great!!!
Elder Gaughan 
PS next time you send me a package for christmas or whatever could you send me some teenage mutant ninja turtle sheets? Random request I know. Also what is Ryan and Molly´s address? and how is mike doing? he hasn´t written me in a while?

Gonzalez Family

 Romi (convert)

 Carlos and his family

Adriana and Luis

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