Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New P-Day for Elder Gaughan!

Hey everyone how´s it going? Your probablly all wondering why I´m writing on monday. Well we´ve have quite a few changes in the mission that they just told us about this last thurs. P day is now on monday so start expecting emails and all that fun stuff on mondays now and not wednesdays. They also changed the day of our district meetings and now we have to work during the siesta which here in Dorrego should be pretty interesting. Everyone here in Dorrego sleeps from about 2-5 or 6 and the as it gets hotter and hotter the longer and longer people here sleep. We´re gonna have to get creative in terms of what we do during that time but I think we´ll be able to find something.
Mom Matius is a member from my last area in Newbery. They were super awesome and helped us out a lot in missionary work. His parents know some people in the government or something and helped us speed up the whole process of Carlos´ marraige so that he could get baptized. Matius went to BYU and lived in the states for a while, he´s an awesome guy and a stud. I told him one time if he ever went to california to let me know and I would give him your guy´s info so that he could get in touch with you and all that fun stuff. He told me like a week before I left that he was gonna go to the states and that´s when he asked me for our phone number so I went ahead and passed it to him. He´s a great guy and is one of my favorite members there from Newbery besides the people I was able to baptize. I´m glad he called although you guys couldn´t actually talk.
Things in Dorrego here are going good. It´s weird being in such a small place and it´s still taking some getting used to but I think that´ll happen eventually. We´ve been finding some people here and there but we haven´t really found anyone that is willing to keep committments or progress. The missionaries have been here for a while now so it´s proven a little though to find people that don´t know the missionaries or people that are willing to listen. A lot of people already know the missionaries and don´t even really let us talk that much when we knock the door. It´s ok though, what can you do? There are a lot of incomplete families and less actives so we´re thinking more about taking that route and hopefully we´ll be able to find success. Please pray for the town of Dorrego cause it really needs it. Especially the members. This place is way small and as one member told me "everyone knows everything about everybody" so they´re not always that optimistic about the mission work cause most of their friends have already listened to the missionaries before and nothing´s really happened. We´re gonna see if we can change that though. We got good members we just need to animate them and get them excited which could be the biggest challenge. Please pray for us cause we need all the help we can get and then some!!
 Ok thats all for this week cause it hasn´t been all that long since I´ve written. I love you all and thanks for everything!!!
Elder Gaughan

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