Monday, October 11, 2010

Take Advantage!

Hey everyone what´s going on? Well this last week was pretty crazy to say the least. Ok so basically we were doing divisions the entire week and I hardly even saw my comp which felt quite weird let me tell you. It was weird having to bounce around and work with a ton of different people but it was also pretty cool cause I had the opportunity to learn a lot from each one of them. I think my favorite day was friday cause we went to Balcarse, a little town about the size of Poway or a little bigger about an hour outside of Mar Del. It was way cool, I went out to work with Elder Carter who´s from Utah and we had a really legit day. In the morning we went to go teach a few older ladies for the first time and we were able to take out a baptismal date with them which was awesome!!! In the afternoon we went to do a baptismal interview which is always a great experience for me to be able to do that. At the interview there were a couple people there who weren´t members so when I finished they were all waiting outside to see how the kid did. He passed and then after I just randomly asked the people if they wanted to listen to our message and they said yes!! Crazy but it was way cool, we had 4 new investigators that day which was awesome, basically just taking advantage of opportunities that were there in front of us. On sat we had the baptisms of Viki, Magali and Agustín!!!! That was an awesome experience. I was able to baptize Viki and Agustín and Elder Egbert baptized Magali. It was a crazy/really good day cause that day in the morning I had to run over to Belgrano with Elder Dominguez to do another baptismal interview while Elder Egbert and Elder Wilkes (Dominguez´s comp) went to go set everything up for our baptisms. Kinda insane but it all worked out well thankfully. On sunday we had the confirmations and we also were fortunate to have Elder Patanias who is an area 70 come to church in Newbery and talk to us in sacrament meeting. He gave a really good talk about preparing the family for everything that we´re seeing and how important it is to strengthen the family and use all the tools we have to do so. Also we´re in the last week of the transfer so we´ll be finding out what´s going on this friday. I´ve been here for 6 months which is pretty hard to believe, it feels like a long time, but at the same time it goes by really quickly. It´s kinda hard to explain. Newbery has been a great area though inspite of all the hardships and random things that have happened. I´ve grown here a ton and I´m really grateful that I´ve been able to be here and learn from my comps, leaders in the mission, local leaders, and the people that I´ve been able to teach. It´s weird cause Newbery feels like home and leaving sounds good but also not at the same time. This is one of the best areas in the mission and I´ve loved the time I´ve had here and the people. I´ve been fortunate and blessed with a lot of success. I was talking with Egbert the other day about how crazy the mission really is when you sit back and think about it. I think as missionaries we don´t fully comprehend the what it is that we´re doing here. In other words, we do but at the same time we don´t. It´s hard to explain and I feel like I´m kinda mumbling so I´m just gonna stop. I love you all. Thanks for all the love and support you give me!!!! Have an awesome week!!
Elder Gaughan

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