Thursday, March 25, 2010

Running around like crazy.... And loving it!

Familia! Que tal? Ok firstly, that whole universal healthcare is ridonk! Now that that´s out of the way we can focus on other things. Firstly, my kid still isn´t here yet. I was talking to my zone leader the other day who had been talking with President and he said to hope for next week. What does this mean you might ask? Basically I´ll only be with the kid for 2 or 3 weeks and then take off. There´s almost no way I´ll be staying here next transfer cause at the end of this one I´ll have been here 6 months. And that´s crazy enough to hear about as it is. So I´m gonna be with my kid for a few weeks and not really have a whole lot of time to teach him anything and is second comp will probably be more like his trainer than I will. But hey what can you do?
As you probably already figured out, I´m still with Elder Dominguez and we´re still running around like crazy between our two areas trying to find new people, trying to keep the investigators that we find going and progressing, and not going crazy from all the traveling and running back and forth at the same time. Turns out it´s actually pretty fun. And although all that seems kinda crazy it´s really not that bad. We´ve made it as simple as possible and so far it´s worked out fairly well. Right now, especially in my area, we´re focusing on finding new investigators. So that means knocking a ton of doors and talking to a bunch of people to find the people that will listen to us and are actually interested.
Yesterday was a pretty cool day. I went on divisions with Elder Murillo, from Chile (don´t worry his family´s ok), and it was awesome! Right now he´s in one of the pueblos just outside of Santa Rosa and they came in yesterday to do divisions with us. So Elder Murillo and I got to go out to this neighborhood called Los Hornos (The Ovens). They call it Los Hornos cause it´s this neighborhood literally out in the middle of nowhere and there are brick making ovens all over the place. Kinda random but pretty cool at the same time. So the neighborhood out there had never been knocked before by missionaries cause it´s super far away from everything and I guess no one ever really wanted to go out there. So we head out there and start talking to some people, they give us the same typical random excuses that everyone else does. But we totally found this family of 4!! It was way awesome. They said they didn´t really believe in anything, their dad had just died from cancer and they were having a pretty hard time. So we taught the Plan of Salvation and it was way good! Murillo is a stud of a teacher and we had a really good lesson. One of the sons was all excited to go to church this week and everything!!! Only thing is.....there in Elder Dominguez´s area...dang it. But who cares, it was a way cool experience. Murillo is a stud, he´s always super happy and talking to everyone he sees. He has this genuine niceness to him that seems to have been somewhat lost these days. He´s from some pueblo in Chile, him and his family are converts of 8 years or so, and he taught me a ton. And here´s the part I like the best, he´s only in his second transfer in the mission! I have double the time he does and I felt like I was just learning every 5 minutes with him. Super legit.
Well I think that´s about everything for now. It sounds like everyone is doing well and I hope it stays that way. Thanks for all your prayers, your support, and especially for all the birthday wishes!! You guys are amazing! I love you all,
Elder Gaughan

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