Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loving Learning

Hey everyone how´s it goin? K to answer the first part of your email my comp is too trunked out. He´s trunky but that´s just cause he´s so close to going home. We´re still working and trying to do everything we can to keep the work going. The work.....the work is coming....slow. The activity we were gonna have we had to end up canceling because it looked like a storm was coming in. And when storms come here they´re pretty crazy and the activity was gonna be outside. So at the last minute we had to cancel but we´re still gonna have it. We just have to find out when we can do it cause there´s a few other things going on in the next few weeks. So yeah the work is going slow, but slowly we´re finding people. In the last week or so we´ve found a few less actives that weren´t even in the member list so that was way cool cause they wanna come back into activity. We just gotta find the way we can help them do that. And one of them has kids that aren´t members so we´re gonna start working with them soon and see if we can´t complete a family here soon.
We had zone conference yesterday which was awesome. I love conference cause I always learn a ton. President and Hermana Detlefsen are so awesome. President has so much knowledge it´s insane. Seriously he can take any topic and teach me 7 new things about it that I never knew beforehand. I love being able to listen to him, and it´s always a nice humbling experience too which is always helpful. One of our focuses was talking with everyone which is something I realized I don´t do all that well. But it´s something that I´m gonna fix cause everyone needs to here this message that we have.
That´s crazy about the Jergensens!!!! Tell them congrats for me, that´s gonna be so awesome though. That´ll be so cool though. I can´t believe Jergie is almost done with his mission, any idea how much time he has left?
That´s way cool about Alex and Tara too though. Well I can´t think of too much more but I´m glad everything is going well there. Take care! Con amor,
Elder Gaughan

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  1. Hey Gaughans & Megan,

    Thanks for keeping up this blog. It is great to hear how Nick is doing and it made it easy for us to find out how to write to him. We did it for FHE tonight.