Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Working Hard!

Hey everybody!! What´s up? Ok firstly before I forget again, yes mom I have been getting your emails. Sorry if I haven´t really been answering questions. I read everything you all send me first and then write everything after. I should probably change that but oh well. I´m really glad to hear Daniel´s doing a lot better. I got that email you sent me of Kim´s and I was kinda freaking out when I was reading it. That´s pretty crazy but I´m glad he´s recovered so well. That´s pretty nuts about the Saints too. One of our less active members told us that Miami won and I had a hard time believing that one too.
The work here is getting better. One of the new focuses of the mission is finding new investigators. Not going by old investigators that we taught a while ago or going by part member families but finding new new people that haven´t investigated the church before. So that basically means we´ve been doing a ton of contacts trying to find people. It´s worked a bit. We´ve picked up a few investigators in the last week and we´re really hoping that they progress. We also have a ward activity on fri and we´ve asked all the members to invite less actives and non member friends. Please pray for us cause we´re pretty nervous about how it´s going to go and what exactly is going to happen. Hopefully we´ll pick up more investigators from that too. This is our big push to try to get more help from members cause it´s always better to work with them than just go and knock doors all day.
This transfer has been a little crazy cause Elder Hopper is ending his mission and I´ve just barely started. It´s interesting cause of the two points we´re at in our lives and especially in the mission. He´s about to go home and I´ll only have 6 months when he goes. It´s interesting to see how the older missionaries are compared to the younger ones. It´s cool though. I´ll probably be here in Santa Rosa for another transfer too after this one so that´ll make it about 4 months in one place which is fairly rare. It´s all good though. Santa Rosa is pretty cool and the zone is awesome. Well I think that´s about everything. I love you guys and hope your all doing well. Con amor,
Elder Gaughan

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