Monday, February 8, 2010

Coming Along Just Fine

Hey family how´s it going? What´s been going on lately? How´s winter going for you guys? You were right Dad, it´s been super hot down here lately. It was around 100 for a few weeks straight but we´ve gotten a brake from that for now. It´s been cooler for the last few days which has been super nice.
Sounds like things are going well there. Tell the Killens I said hi and I hope everything is going well with them at the storehouse. The mission is awesome and everything´s coming along just fine. I´ll try to write them more next P Day. I´m glad to hear Bryan´s doing well too. I feel bad I haven´t written him or trev at all really since I´ve gotten here. I´m gonna try to get better about that and hopefully I can send both of them a letter next week. Could you get Bryan´s address for me? I don´t think I have it.
Santa Rosa´s going pretty well. We´re putting together an activity to try to help the mission work. It´s been a little slow and we´re thinking that an activity could boost the excitment and really get everything going a little quicker. We´ve been going by all the members and committing them to inviting a less active family or non member or both. So far that´s been going well and hopefully the activity helps. So please pray for that cause we need some help. The other day we found a really cool lady when we were doing contacts. We´ve been doing a million contacts lately cause we´re just trying to find new people, not go by old investigators or less actives. It´s been a bit of a struggle but hey it´s what it is. But anyway this lady we found is awesome, Valeria, she´s got like 4 kids but she´s super receptive and so far has accepted every committment we have left with her. We´ve only taught 1 lesson and we´re going back tonight to teach more and have more of an organized lesson cause the last one we taught was all over the place. Besides this not too much has been going on. We´ve been talking to a lot of Jehova´s Wittness´lately which has been pretty interesting. They´re pretty tough, like they never let you in or anything but hey you can always talk to them for a while and at least when they reject you they´re nice about it. I can´t really think of anything else that has been going on lately. I love you all and hope everything is going well. Con amor,
Elder Gaughan

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