Monday, September 28, 2009

Halfway done with the MTC!!!!

Hey what's goin on? Holy cow I cannot believe that I'm already halfway done with the MTC!! We have to start teaching in Spanish this week which is sure to be a humbling experience. It'll be good though cause I think it's when I will learn the most. It's coming pretty well, it's more of a matter of practicing the language and trying to remember all the rules. It'll come though, I guess I'm ok cause people have said I've been doing really well. I know I'm still not that great and have a long way to go. This week has just flown by, it's crazy how all the days just seem to melt together. It seems like yesterday was our first week, and we're going to lose another district that's going to Cordoba and Rosario on the 12th. That'll be pretty crazy because they're the ones I've grown closest too, and after they leave my district will be the oldest which is just kinda weird to think about. I feel like we're still the nuevos, but we're not anymore. Oh I saw Ryan Jensen, he's not in my zone but he seems to be doing really well. It's kinda weird seeing him here in a name tag and badge, but at the same time it's so awesome. I see Bryan about once a week too which is really cool just to catch up with him and see how he has been doing. I swear he's gonna have more baptisms than I will, that kid is a champ.

We met with the Consul from Argentina today. It's one of the requirements to get your visa. Honestly it was kinda boring cause most of it was a question and answer period and people were just asking a different variation on the same question. It was cool to hear about the country though and what to expect. From what he said Bahia Blanca is a pretty poor place, and somewhat like Utah which was interesting to find out. I know I'm gonna love it though. I can't wait to get out there and start teaching real investigators instead of the "investigators" we have here. I'm excited to get there and have no idea what anyone is talking about because they'll be talking so fast and have that Castillano accent. It's gonna be awesome. Well the weeks are flying by and I am absolutely loving it. This place is awesome and there is no doubt in my mind that the Church is true. I'm so excited to go try to have the same effect on other people that the missionaries taught us did. I'm grateful for them every single day and I wish I could talk to them and thank them for what they did. I love you all, until next week.
-Elder Gaughan

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