Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 3

Hey everyone how's it going? What's new? Yes I did get the packages you sent me, sorry I didn't tell you earlier I thought I did. Thanks for everything, you all are the best! This week has been pretty crazy, it seems the longer I'm here the faster the time goes. I can't believe I've been here for almost a month already. Either this week or next week we go into solamente español which will be pretty interesting. If nothing else it will probably be quieter. But it´s gonna be a great experience and it´ll really speed up the learning curve which will be awesome. The other day we had to speak in Spanish for 2 hours and needless to say it was pretty tough. It was a really humbling experience and I came to the realization that I don´t know nearly as much as I thought I did. I saw another friend from SVU this week, Kyle Tyree, I think he might have already left cause he´s going to the MTC in Brazil. It was way cool to see him though. We lost another district this week, they are headed to Ecuador and Paraguay. It´s pretty crazy how close I´ve grown to the Elders in my zone, and we´ve only known each other for a few weeks. I will miss them, but they are gonna do great things. Ryan Jensen comes this week which is gonna be way cool. There is a possibility he could be in my zone, but I haven´t heard anytyhing yet.  If he is that'd be awesome but it's not likely. We got nuevos this week and it was kinda funny to see the wide eyed look on their faces and think that was me just a few weeks ago. They seem to be doing well though, and once they get used to the schedule they will be fine.  Last Tues Elder Holland came and spoke at our weekly devotional. Needless to say it was awesome!!!!! He talked about how important his mission was to him, and how we're not really taking a break from real life. He emphasized that this is real life! We need to appreciate every minute and work hard every single day. NO REGRETS!!! He's a lot like me too, I found out he was also the first missionary in his family. How crazy is that? Well know that I am still loving it here. I have no doubt that I am doing what the Lord wants, and that this church is true. It brings so many people so much joy there's no way to deny it. I hope you all are doing well and tell John to write me. I haven't heard anything from him yet. Until next week,
-Elder Gaughan

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  1. Hey Elder Gaughan,

    Wow, do you have any idea how grow up you sound? I am very impressed! Keep the letters coming so we can follow your mission experience, ok? I am so very proud of you my friend, you know that right?

    Love you,
    Kim and the Wickstrums