Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 2

Hey everybody how's it going? Things are going well here at the MTC. This week has flown by, it feels like it was just the other day that we were first getting here. That's pretty funny about Ryan's talk, I wish I could've been there for that. We are losing our first district in our zone today. They're going to El Savador and they leave in a few hours. It's pretty crazy to see these guys are leaving already. They've been the greatest examples to me, and I know they're gonna do great work. Seth French from SVU is in that group that's leaving, he's an awesome kid and has been a great help to me since I've been here. It's crazy how fast the time goes here. With this district leaving we get some nuevos which means we're not the new guys anymroe! I had my first experience in the Referal Center this last week. It was pretty sweet, I only got to talk to one lady (I guess it was just a slow time in the day) and the missionaries are going to here house so hopefully something good comes out of that. I'm excited to go back they're and hopefully talk to more people. I've seen Bryan a few times, he seems to be doing really well. I wasn't in the same room as him in the RC but hopefully I'll get to work with him soon. Elder Hinckley (Gordon B. Hinckley's son) came and talked to us at our Tues devotional. It was so cool!!! He talked about how great the work is we are engaged in. I can't wait to get out into the field, but I know I still have so much to learn. Spanish is coming ok, I can talk for a fairly decent amount of time, but still can't teach yet. After our 4th week we have to do all of our teaching and everything in spanish. It's gonna be intense, but it'll be a great way to get the language down. Know that I love you all. I am engaged in something that is absolutely amazing and I am loving it. I wouldn't trade this for anything. The church is true, and I can't wait to spread the gospel. Until next time.

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