Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey everyone!!! How´s it going? First of all, thanks for forwarding me Daniel´s email. That was way cool to see how he´s doing and I´m glad he´s doing well and liking the MTC. I´m not gonna lie though, I kinda laughed when he said it was good to get out into the city after only being there for a week. Ok now for the most important part of the email. I´m gonna be calling home on Sunday probably around 8 or so local time here. If I´m not mistaken it´ll around 4 PM there, but you might wanna check what the time difference is just to make sure.
This week has been pretty good. We had baptisms of 3 kids of less active families which was way awesome to see. These kids have basically put the example and made their families active again. It was amazing to see the effect that an 8 year old can have on an entire family. I baptized one of the kids whose name is Lucas, I´ll send pictures when I can (this computer doesn´t have USB). Apart from that we´re teaching some really cool people. There´s this family of 5, la familia Gonzales, and they´re way cool. The mom listened to the missionaries a long time ago but couldn´t get baptized cause she wasn´t married. But now she´s moved and is with a different guy and he´s super cool. We´re gonna see if we can get them married and baptized cause they basically already have testimonies and are basically driving themselves. Besides them we´ve been doing quite a bit of looking, trying to find new people which has been a little tough but we´ll get there. We just have to weed through everyone to find the people who really wanna listen to us. Carlos is still doing well. We´re just working on getting all the papers they need to get married so that he can get baptized. He´s awesome and went to an activity by himself and the members have been awesome about welcoming him in and making him feel comfortable. The truth is there hasn´t been a whole lot going on besides that. We have some really promising people that are doing well, we just need to tie up some loose ends before they can get baptized. This is a really cool place though. The people are humble and we have a lot of people that want to listen to us which is always good. How´s everything going out there. How are alex and tara doing? Ok I gotta get goin but I love you all. Nos hablamos en algunos días!!!!
Elder Gaughan

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