Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Me voy a Argentina!!!

Hey family how's it goin? Ok so as you can probably already guess by the subject, I'm headed to Argentina!! I signed the last papers I needed for my visa last week and I got a call a few days ago and they told me I'm taking off on Wed!! So I'm pretty excited about that. Sorry I didn't really give you many details about where I am and stuff, here you go. The area I'm in is called Tucker, we're a little bit outside of downtown Atlanta. We live in a really heavily hispanic neighborhood/area which is way cool. Hispanics are super nice people and we when you start talking to them they'll actually talk to you and hold a conversation, not like most Americans who will just brush you off. So yeah I'm in Tucker right now, not sure where that is in relation to Aunt Pat (tell her sorry, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to do lunch. We don't have a car and we can't ride in a car with a woman unless there's a man too). So yeah we're speaking spanish and I've already learned a ton in these few weeks I've been here. It took me about a week to become acostumed to the accent and I'm still getting used to it. It's a branch here and the members are way cool. They're all super nice and way generous even though they don't have much at all.

Oh fun fact my companion, Elder Maucotel, was in the same MTC District as Eric Davis!! How crazy is that? He was showing me some pics and I saw Eric and was like what the heck? That's awesome!! So yeah he and Eric know each other which I thought was pretty cool.

Ok for the fun stories. We're still teaching Celia, but she's been having some doubts about baptism and things. She's gone to a lot of different churches and just wants to be really sure before she gets baptized. She's also afraid of facing some opposition after she gets baptized, which is understandable cause that happens a lot. We've asked her to pray about it and hopefully she gets an answer. We have an appointment with her tonight or tomorrow so we'll see what happens. She's been coming to church and the members have been super nice and really welcoming which is awesome. We've been doing quite a bit of work with less actives which is fun, but at times is frustrating. We know that they have a testimony, they've just forgotten it cause they stopped doing one or more of the things we should be doing (ex. reading scriptures, praying,etc.). So we're working with them and hopefully they'll start coming back to church and be active again. Besides that there's not to much going on here. I'm sad to be leaving here, but really happy to be headed to Argentina at the same time. I hope everything is going well with you all. I love you,
-Elder Gaughan

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